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Overdrawn Account

Tools for avoiding and managing overdrawn accounts

We offer a variety of options to help you avoid overspending or cover you in case you do.


As a credit union, our focus isn’t profit—it’s helping you succeed financially. And that includes helping you learn more about how to avoid fees.

Sometimes however, an unexpected life event or an occasional mistake can leave you short of funds. In these cases, RCU offers tools to provide you a safety net if you accidentally overdraw your account.

Fees if you overdraw your account

Lower fees

RCU charges a $23 non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee with Overdraft Pay Advantage (OPA). The industry average is $33.

No daily fee

RCU does not charge daily fees or interest for a negative balance.

Maximum Protection from Overdraft Fees

Overdraft Pay Advantage

This optional program provides a safety net for occasions when you don’t have enough funds to pay for a transaction—we’ll cover the payment to ensure it goes through.

Free financial resources

Take control of your finances

We provide free access to industry-leading financial education and resources. With advice for all stages of life, we can help you through every step of your financial journey.