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Celebrate International Credit Union Day

Use your RCU Visa® cards on October 20 to give back to your community.

An easy way to give back

For every purchase made with your RCU Visa® credit or debit card on October 20, we’ll donate 25 cents to local nonprofit partners that support essential human needs in your community.*

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About ICU Day

International Credit Union Day is October 20, a time to reflect on the way credit unions contribute to a brighter future by working to improve Members’ financial well-being.

This year’s theme is “Empower Your Financial Future with a Credit Union.™” Credit unions are committed to supporting their members by providing financial products, services, and education that will help them achieve these goals.


Credit and debit card options for all your needs

Make payments and purchases, earn rewards, get cash, and more with our credit and debit cards and services.

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  • *RCU will donate $0.25 to local nonprofits in Sonoma, Napa, Marin, Lake, Mendocino, and San Francisco counties for each card transaction performed by RCU Members. Program details are effective 10/20/22 and are subject to change. Purchases with an RCU card are not tax deductible.