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Loan Payment Options - Mobile Loan Payment by Check

Mobile Loan Payment by Check

Simply take a picture of the front and back of your check, confirm the amount is correct and submit – loan payment complete!

What is a mobile loan payment by check?

  • Pay Loan by Check means using your mobile device to perform a mobile check payment, similar to a mobile check deposit. The process is simple and easy to use – it’s the same as a mobile deposit!

How will I know if my loan payment by check was accepted?

  • A confirmation email will immediately be sent to the primary email address on the account
  • The loan balance will be adjusted within mobile and online banking

What types of loans can I pay by picture check?

  • Auto loans
  • RV loans (including motorcycle, trailers and boat loans)
  • Mortgage (including first & second mortgages and most HELOCs)
  • Visa Credit Card payments
  • Personal loans

How do I pay a loan by check with the RCU mobile app?

  1. Click on “Transfers & Payments
    • Select “Pay Loan by Check
    • Follow the prompts

Transfers & Payments > Pay Loan by Check Navigation Image

Loan Payment by Check Deposit Page

  1. Select which loan account from the drop down menu.
    • a. Enter the amount you’d like to pay (the amount on your check)
    • b. Ensure your check is written for the same amount.
    • Write your check to: Redwood Credit Union
  2. Take a photo of the front and back of your check
    • Lay the check on a flat surface, hold the camera parallel to the check
    • Review the check images and confirm
      Mobile Payment with Check Image
  3. Select “Next” once you’ve confirmed the image is accurate
  4. Confirm Payment – you’re complete!

Loan Payment By Check Confirm Payment

Loan Payment is Complete Message

If help is needed during the process, click the question mark for more information!

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How It Works - mobile loan payments

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